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3D printer just around the corner

Always wanted to 3D print something, but couldn’t afford to buy an expensive 3D printer? Just join 3D hubs!

This p2p initiative enables you to participate into the largest 3D printing network in the world and to be part of the economy of sharing. Goal of Dutch founders Bram de Zwart and Brian Garret is to offer you a place around the corner to 3D print. In the future everyone will be able to print in his or her neighbourhood because 3D Hubs makes it possible to connect printer owners with people who want to print.

Companies as well as private owners can join 3D Hubs. Just as long as you are willing to share your 3D printer. Most 3D printers are only used for 10 hours a week. So why not make a little extra money by offering its abilities to others? And isn’t it just nice to meet other creative people and see what they design?

To be sure that everyone can find a place to print just around the corner, 3D Hubs can only ‘unlock' a city if enough people in the neighbourhood subscribe to their HUB. 3D Hubs already unlocked Amsterdam. Unlock your city by joining!

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